Ochapowace First Nation Kakisiwew School IA Welding Revisions

Project Details


Supply and install all items required to complete a 5’x10’ concrete pad to hold a make up air unit including:

  • Excavating and compacting of soil
  • Concrete and grout forms
  • Rebar cage and anchors
  • Concrete and grout
  • Removal of forms and site clean up

HVAC System:

Supply all material, labour, and equipment required to complete the HVAC scope of the project including:

  • Support stand for MUA-2 Make Up Air unit
  • MUA-2 Make Up Air unit
  • Natural Gas piping feed for MUA-2
  • Supply and return air ducting package
  • Exhaust fans
  • Dampers
  • Grilles, Diffusers & Louvres as specified
  • Supply associated control devices

Electrical/HVAC Control:

Supply material, labour, and equipment to complete full scope of electrical work including:

  • Demolition of existing shop electrical wiring and devices as specified
  • Installation, testing, and termination of all cabling/wiring/circuit breakers for electrical system upgrades
  • Installation of new electrical distribution panel
  • Shop receptacles as specified
  • Wiring of controls supplied with HVAC package
  • Update of affected panel schedules


Supply all labour, equipment, and masonry materials to install brick lintels and infill brick, block, AVB, perimeter steel, and insulation


Paint interior wall as per specification provided


Completed testing/commissioning of electrical system upgrades, HVAC system, and associated controls