Boiler 5 – Greenfield Installation

Project Details

SEC successfully executed a multi-discipline four-phase project, weaving together the expertise of civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, piping, and electrical in the completion of a cutting-edge low NOx package boiler construction project.

During Phase 1 of project, significant progress was made across various fronts. In the realm of Civil & Structural work, tasks included excavation of the building site, the demolition of the existing lube oil building, and the construction of a new turnkey lube oil facility. Additionally, drilling and pouring activities involved the installation 3-foot diameter full casing piles and screw piles, alongside the forming and pouring of Boiler 5 grade beams and large equipment pads. In the Mechanical & Piping domain, efforts focused on the removal and rerouting of production piping, encompassing natural gas, diesel lines, and vent piping. Electrical tasks involved the demolition of existing 15kV and 480V cables, directional drilling, and the installation of new 15kV cable and cable trays. Additionally, the design and installation of electrical fittings for the lube oil building were executed, along with the installation of a grounding grid for building piles and comprehensive electrical testing procedures.

In Phase 2 of the project, the focus shifted to the offloading and rough setting of Boiler 5, incorporating meticulous procedures to ensure efficiency and safety. Utilizing gantries, SMPTs, and cranes, the team expertly managed the offloading and rough setting of the new low NOx boiler. Additional activities included the offloading and storage of essential components such as the economizer, preheater, intake/exhaust ducting, FD Fan, and steam drum, laying the groundwork for subsequent phases of the project.

During Phase 3 of project, significant advancements were made across multiple disciplines. On the front of Civil, Structural, and Architectural work, tasks included the installation of the boiler 5 extension slab on grade and the supply and installation of all boiler 5 structural steel. Additionally, modifications were made to the roofs of boilers 2 and 3, alongside the installation of a new EPDM roof, cladding, and doors. In the Mechanical & Piping domain, activities comprised the supply and installation of a new 400,000 BTUH heater, as well as miscellaneous piping work encompassing roof drains, natural gas lines, vents, and eyewash stations, contributing to the overall progress and functionality of the project.

Phase 4 encompassed the precise hoisting and installation of multiple pieces of critical equipment, including the Low NOx boiler, steam drum, air heater and ducting, economizer, flue gas stack, E-house, HVAC, fuel skid, blow down and flash tank, sample cooler, and FD fan. Moreover, comprehensive piping systems were installed, covering high & low-pressure steam, fuel gas, cooling water, feed water, venting, high & low-pressure condensate, instrument air, and service air, ensuring seamless functionality. Additionally, all associated insulation lagging and soundproofing were meticulously applied to enhance operational efficiency and personnel protection.

In the Electrical & Instrumentation, rigorous installation activities included electrical cable, supports, and equipment setup such as cable tray installation, grounding systems, lighting fixtures, and miscellaneous fixtures. Furthermore, the installation extended to the E-house, encompassing 15kV power, MV & LV equipment cabling, and lightning protection measures. Instrumentation installation comprised boiler field instruments, junction boxes, control cabling, BMS/BMC and integration cabling, control room tie-in/integration equipment and cabling, as well as fire alarm system installation, ensuring comprehensive electrical and instrumentation infrastructure for the project’s success.

A great project to be a part of for an excellent client, a job well done by all parties involved.